Network RAID Storage: Proof of Concept

I recently discovered a post on Hack a Day linking to a proof of concept how-to on setting up a software RAID on FTP servers. While the guide is a simple approach to running a network based RAID 5 configuration, a number of tools the original developer used are less than optimal. First, the set up requires both Windows and Linux, meaning you will either need two physical machines, or a virtualized machine in your configuration. The second, and larger problem is that it is restricted to RAID 5 and FTP servers. This article is my attempt to alleviate both of these issues.

New Project: Slipstream

I have been recruited to work on a new project called Slipstream. We are still in the design and layout phase, but we have some hard-hitting experts in on the project and there are great ideas kicking around.

Character generation, and rendering engines are slated, the UI is going through some heavy construction, and I am tackling an AI path-finding engine which is approximately 35% complete.

Stay tuned for more on this project as we get our modules up in the repository.