SOCKS Wrapper, Compatibility Improvements, and PyLoris 3.2

Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote a program called PyLoris. Inspired by a proof of concept tool written by RSnake, PyLoris demonstrated the efficacy of connection exhaustion as a vehicle for a denial of service attack. While the initial release of the tool was buggy and featureless, I began to imagine new ways to augment the attack, improving its ability to work unimpeded. SOCKS support was one of the improvements. By coupling PyLoris with SOCKS, the attack signature could become obfuscated, split across many different machines in geographically disparate locations, making mitigation a nightmare.

LogMeIn Hamachi

Ever wanted to access files on your home computer from work? Wish you could host a online game with your buddies, but hate the hassle of dealing with routers and firewalls? Desire a little more security in your web-browsing?

LogMeIn Hamachi is a robust tool for establishing VPNs on the go. It provides a simple interface for intermediate and advanced users to build fully encrypted VPNs across the Internet. Available in both free and professional versions, it is easy to use and it looks good too.

The installation was a snap. After following the 5-minute walk through, I had a VPN up and running, allowing me to access my Windows File Sharing and RDP connections immediately.