Fixing the iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player

I decided to buy a new toy for myself this weekend. The product: iriver's H10 20GB MP3 Player. I arrived at home and charged it up only to turn it on and realize that the blasted thing would not work out of the box. I struggled for three hours searching online, upgrading firmware, and sitting on the phone with tech support, all with the same outcome: a brick which would could not get past a screen which says "BOOT 1.01 MTP Initialize." In frustration I cried out, but unfortunately for me, Staples was closed by the time I decided to return it. In one last-ditch effort, I scoured the interweb and found instructions for getting my $200 paperweight to play music.

WARNING: This information was written in 2006 and is OBVIOUSLY dated. Follow these instructions at your own risk!!!

Steps for Repairing my iriver H10 20GB MP3 Player

  1. Attach the player to the PC via the USB cord.
  2. Press the reset button with a paperclip.
  3. While holding down the O button, power on the device. "USB Connected" is displayed on the screen.
  4. In My Computer, there is a new Hard Drive for the H10. Right-click the icon and select Format.
  5. Select FAT32 and Select Quick Format. Format the device.
  6. Download the H10 Upgrade utility. The site states that this does not work for the 20GB model, BUT THEY ARE LYING (partially).
  7. Run the firmware Upgrade utility. It had some problems, and I needed to run it a few times to get it to completely download the firmware upgrade.
  8. hen the process is done, unplug the iriver, and it will reboot 2 or 3 times.
  9. Download the latest MTP Updater. Follow the updating instructions on the site.

After following these instructions, I had a working H10. If you find this useful, leave me a little message.


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